AMRIA Galit Friedman Noy ID 029578127
1.1. The AMRIA website ("the site" or "the website") is a website on the Internet that serves as an online store for the sale of products and services to consumers. The owner and owner of the site is Galit Friedman Noy ID. 029578127 (hereinafter: "Galit" or "company").
1.2. Action on the Site Here is any order or purchase of products and / or other services offered on the Site as offered (hereinafter: "Action").
1.3. These regulations are written in the feminine language only for reasons of convenience and should be seen in the text as referring to the male language.
1.4. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any action you make on the Site, and shall constitute the legal basis in any matter between you and Galit. As a result, you are requested to read all these Terms of Use. Browsing and / or any action on the website constitutes your consent to accept and act in accordance with the Rules, so if you do not agree to any of its terms, you are hereby requested not to make any use of the Site.
1.5. Any person who performs an act on the website declares that he is aware of the website's rules and rules of participation and receives them, and that he and / or anyone on her behalf will have no claim and / or claim against the website owners and / or its operators and / or anyone acting on their behalf, the owners of the website and / or its operators according to these rules and rules of participation.
1.6. Galit reserves the right to change the regulations from time to time at its sole discretion, without the need to give notice and / or prior notice.
1.7. The user agrees that Galit's computer records regarding the actions taken through the website will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.
1.8. Photographs and / or product drawings presented on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not bind the website management. It is agreed that Galit will do its best to present the users of the site with accurate photographs and data regarding the products.
1.9. Galit does not undertake to keep inventory of all models and / or clothes whose pictures appear on the site.
1.10. Galit does its best to ensure that the information presented on the site is the most complete and accurate information, but it is hereby clarified that it may contain, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors that Galit will not bear any liability arising from or related thereto.
1.11. The management of the website may update the prices of the products on the site and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice. The valid price relative to the order performed is the price that was published when the order process was completed (including the delivery of credit card details). If the prices are updated before the completion of the ordering process, the user will be charged according to the updated prices.
1.12. Site management may offer on website promotions, benefits and discounts. The webite's management may at any time stop such promotions, benefits and discounts, replace or modify them without prior notice.
1.13. The terms and conditions of use of the website apply to the use of the website and its services by any computer or other communications device (such as cellular phones, PDAs, etc.) and also applies to the use of the website, whether through the Internet or through any network or Other means of communication.
1.14. Galit does not guarantee that the prices of the details on the site are reduced from the prices of items at points of sale and should not rely on the prices on the site as if Galit undertook to offer them.
2. The right to use the site
2.1. May participate in the Sale Process in order to perform transactions, including purchases, any user who fulfills the following cumulative conditions:
2.1.1. The user is eligible to perform binding legal actions. The user declares that she is 18 years old or older.
2.1.2. The user has a valid credit card issued by one of the credit card companies operating legally in Israel or elsewhere as well.
2.1.3. The user of the website authorizes its incorporation into Galit's direct mailling system via email, landline or mobile phone, text messages, mail and fax in accordance with the provisions of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) (Amendment No. 40), 2008.
3. The sell
3.1. Galit enables the purchase of various products and services through the site.
3.2. For each product or service offered for sale, there is the "action page", the product or service offered for sale, and the sale price are displayed.
3.3. To order a product or service, first select the product or service including size, color and quantity. Then enter basic information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number (hereinafter: the "Order Form"), and then the user becomes the "operation". In order for the order to be made quickly and without mishaps, the correct details must be provided otherwise we can not guarantee the execution of the order. If incorrect details are provided at the time of booking, Galit can not guarantee that the products will reach their destination. Should the products return to Galit due to erroneous details, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Be sure to fill out accurate and up-to-date details.
Delivering erroneous details on purpose or without authorization is liable to constitute a violation of the law.
3.4. After the transaction is performed, credit card details will be verified through the credit card company, and after receiving the approval from the credit card company and the execution of the check out action by the customer, an appropriate notice will be given that the transaction has been approved and that the purchase transaction will be improved only after Galit receives approval from the credit card company Execution of the charge, in accordance with the work procedures existing between them and Galit.
3.5. The site uses an encryption system. Galit shall not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, caused to the customer or anyone acting on his behalf, if such information is lost or reaches a hostile entity and / or will be used without authorization.
3.6. The records of Galit's data processing machine, which administers computerized records of all transactions on the site as aforesaid, will constitute prima facie evidence of their contents.
3.7. The charge for the product or service purchased by will be executed by using the credit card, after the transaction.
3.8. It should be emphasized that knowingly submitting false information may constitute a criminal offense. Legal and / or criminal proceedings may be taken against the person who collects false information, including tort claims for damages caused to Galit due to disruption of the sale process
3.9. In case the transaction is not approved by the credit card companies, the offeror will receive an appropriate notice, and in order to complete the purchase, the operation will be required to contact Galit's customer service center to arrange the approval of the credit card companies to execute the transaction, verification of the credit details and the payment confirmation by the person performing the transaction and the credit company. Without the final approval of the credit card company for approval of the transaction, the order will be void and Galit will not be liable to the customer in any way, including not keeping the product in stock.
3.10. You can complete the purchase by submitting credit details to Galit's call center, in which case the order will be considered complete only after the details of the credit have been provided by the customer and the approval of the credit card company. It is hereby clarified that the customer chose the option to make a telephone call for the purpose of receiving the credit details. In a place where the customer did not contact the company by telephone and / or by e-mail within 7 days from the date of the request , Galit will be entitled to cancel the order.
3.11. The approval of the purchase action and Galit's obligation to supply are contingent on the product being available in stock in the warehouses at the requested delivery date and / or at the time of the order. It should be clarified that even if it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been downloaded from the site until the date of execution of the order, Galit will not be obligated to sell the product and the customer will not have any claim in this regard for any type of damage, which is caused to the customer and / or to a third party. Nothing in this section shall derogate from Galit's obligation to refund to the customer any amount that he paid if he indeed paid or cancel the charge if it was executed. It should be emphasized and clarified that there may be situations in which although a particular item is presented on the site as existing in stock, in fact it is not in stock and can not be supplied. In such situations, the transaction will be canceled and the customer will have no claim in this regard subject to reimbursement of the amount paid to Galit by the customer.
3.12. Galit retains the right to prevent access to sales and / or to cancel the participation of users whose behavior is inappropriate or does not comply with the rules of participation, or who attempt to impair the proper management of sales on the site.
4. Method of sale
4.1. The sale on the site is by regular sale method for all intents and purposes. A regular sale is the sale of products at a predetermined price until stocks run out. The user selects a product and makes the purchase according to the instructions on the site.
4.2. In a regular sale, the user may choose and submit the credit card details by telephone. For this purpose, he must complete the sale process and choose the "method of payment" the possibility of completing the credit card details by telephone through Galit's call center. A sale shall be considered and completed only after a telephone call has been made between a representative of Galit and the user, the user has given his particulars and has received the representative's confirmation that the sale has been completed.
5. Deliveries and shipping
5.1. Galit will supply any product purchased by you on the site to the address you typed at the time of the purchase, but countries that can not be shipped from Israel. Galit will act to provide the products or services in accordance with the supply conditions specified on the products or services operation page. Galit undertakes to supply only a product that was paid in full by credit card as detailed below.
5.2. Galit shall not be liable for any delay in the supply and / or non-supply caused by force majeure and / or events beyond its control, including strikes, natural disaster etc.
5.3. In areas that are restricted from a security standpoint, Galit will be entitled to place the products to customers at an agreed location, which will be coordinated with the user in advance.
5.4. The purchased product will be delivered by courier to the customer's home in Israel within seven business days. Shipments abroad will be provided in accordance with the shipping conditions of the freight forwarding company, and all shipments are paid at the customer's expense unless determined otherwise by Galit.
Shipping rates:
In Israel the cost of delivery of one order (in one package), which does not exceed 249 NIS, will be 29 NIS per package
Abroad the cost of delivery of one order (in one package), will be 75 NIS per package

I Israel the cost of shipping an order (in a package) of more than 249 NIS will be free.
Returning from the customer (collection) in case of return or replacement of item, full charge of the customer.
In case of splitting an order into a number of packages, the above charge rates will apply to each package and the value of the order.
A customer is invited to collect his order free of charge at the address that will be delivered at the time of placing the order.
Galit reserves the right to update the shipping rates from time to time at its sole discretion.
5.5. The date of delivery of the products / services specified in the action page is on work days counted from the day of the order, which is the date of receipt of the approval of the transaction from the customer's credit company (Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays and holidays). Galit does its best to anticipate the delivery date and / or to adapt it to the customer's needs, subject to the policy of the transportation companies.
5.6. It should be emphasized that in any case of a request to cancel a transaction after the product has been shipped, the cancellation of the transaction is subject to cancellation of the transaction to the item / items purchased in their original packaging, complete and / or without damage and / or damage by courier at the customer's expense to Galit's reservations center.
6. Customer Service
6.1. For questions about the products presented on the website, we invite you to contact the service representatives.
6.2. For more information regarding the website and its activities, please contact our customer service at and by phone 054-2404029 and 09-8666807.
6.4. Customer service representatives will be happy to serve you with any question related to the purchase process and any other subject in order to facilitate the experience of purchase and make it simple and fast.
7. Cancellations
7.1. The purchaser may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981 s. 14 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"), as detailed below, except for the purchase of certain items, as detailed in section 14 of the Consumer Protection Law.
7.2. Cancellation of a transaction / sale by a customer before delivery of the product:
7.3. If a customer wishes to cancel a transaction / sale, he can do so by calling the Customer Service Center or by mailing the customer service at without any charge.
8. Cancellation after shipment of the product:
8.1. If a customer wishes to cancel his order after the product has been sent to him, he can do so by contacting customer service at within 14 days of receiving the product.
8.2. Returning or replacing the product is subject to the fact that the product is valid and has not been used or customized by the customer and as long as the label / label has not been detached from the product and product in its original packaging and in the box in which it was provided. Subject to the conditions set forth above, Galit will provide a full refund, with no cancellation fees in the event of return of the product to the customer, however receipt of the refund is limited to 3 consecutive returns.
9. Cancellation as a result of a defect or unsuitability to the details appearing on the website:
9.1. The customer must check the product immediately upon receipt. If the customer received the product when it is defective, or when the product specification differs from the specifications published on the site, the customer may cancel the transaction within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, by e-mail to according to the Consumer Protection Law.
10. Cancellation of sale by Galit and termination of the site's activity:
10.1. In any event where Galit and / or anyone acting on her behalf are unable to manage the site as its condition, to supply the products or to fulfill its other obligations, Galit may cancel the engagement with the buyers, in whole or in part. In this section, "force majeure" means, as is customary in law, and includes computer malfunctions, malfunctions in the telephone system or malfunctions in other communications systems, sabotage and security events.
10.2. To the extent that factors and / or events that are not under the control of the website owners and / or its operators will delay and / or prevent the sale of the products and / or services of any kind, in whole or in part, and in any way, and / or the provision of the services published on the website at the set dates and / or will cause malfunctions in computerization and / or telephone systems and / or any other communication problem in completing the purchasing process, in one of the various forms, and / or whether due to hostile actions and / or another force majeure will prevent and / or impair the process of purchasing the products and / or services in any way, including by means of regular sale or the supply of the products and / or services and / or if there are changes in the rates of tax and / or charges applicable to products and / or services from the date of the publication of the product and / or service for purchase and the planned delivery date according to the terms of purchase of the product and / or the service, the site may cancel the contract with the buyers, in whole or in part, and / or stop the site's activity.
10.3. Without derogating from the foregoing, if after the conclusion of a sale it is discovered that the product and / or the service is out of stock, Galit may cancel the sale or offer an equivalent replacement product. If such sale is canceled, Galit shall not be liable and will not bear any direct, or indirect, special damage caused to the user or to a third party.
10.4. In a case of printing error, or error at the description of the product and / or the service, its price, the payment terms, the image of the product / service or any other media, or receipt of the data from the bidder is canceled, Galit may cancel the specific purchase and win the customer a full refund.
10.5. It is hereby clarified that the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981, which apply and attacks on the date of the transaction, are the binding provisions even in these regulation specify otherwise.
11. Warranty and service
11.1. Galit and / or the management of the site and / or anyone acting on their behalf shall not be responsible for and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user and / or the user and / or the customer and / according to these regulations - whatever cause of action - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit caused for any reason. In that case Galit reserves the right to cancel the specific order.
11.2. If a mistake has been made in the description of the product, it will not be binding on Galit and / or the management of the website.
11.3. The product images on the site are intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the images presented on the site, some or all of them, and the products actually sold.
11.4. In no event shall Galit be liable for any direct and / or indirect damages and consequential damages extent the value of the purchased product or services.
11.5. Galit is not responsible for the use made by the customer other than in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and any other use of the products sold through the site.
11.6. The management of the site will not be responsible for delays in the supply of products as a result of events that are not under its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, computer system malfunctions or telephone systems that harm the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service.
11.7. The site management will do its best to provide quality products at the requested time. If customer believes that the Products purchased through the Site or the Services are defective, it is invited to contact the Customer Service at 0542404029 or 09-8666807 or by e-mail The site's management will handle the request as soon as possible.
12. Intellectual Property
12.1. All intellectual property rights in the company, including patents, copyrights, designs, methods and trade secrets, are the property of Galit only. These rights apply, inter alia, to the graphic design of the site, its databases (including product lists, description of products, etc.), the computer code of the site, its Internet address and any other detail related to its operation.
12.2. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market or translate any information from the Site (including trademarks, images, texts or computer code) without the prior express permission of Galit.
12.3. Do not make any commercial use of the data published by Galit, in the database of Galit, in the lists of products appearing therein or in other details published by Galit without Galit's prior written consent.
12.4. Galit authorizes the publication of data from the data published on the website on the third party sites, subject to the source of the information being preserved and stating explicitly that the information / photography was taken from the site. Galit will be entitled to instruct the user to remove publication or information used in a manner that in its opinion harms Galit's interests or property.
12.5. Galit allows the site to be displayed in a frame, visible or hidden, as well as link to the pages within it ("DEEP LINK"), or to the homepage only. Galit will be entitled to instruct the user to remove advertising or information used in a manner that in its opinion harms Galit's interests or property.
12.6. The site may not be displayed in a different graphic design or interface than those designed by Galit, unless subject to prior written consent.
12.7. The name AMRIA, the trademarks of AMRIA (whether registered or not), are all property of Galit only. They should not be used without prior written consent.
12.8. Any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos and the editing and presentation thereof, are exclusively owned by Galit. Any use of this purchase will be done in accordance with the provisions of these regulations only.
12.9. No use should be made of any trademark or design of a product or model appearing on the website or of photographs found on the website that are protected intellectual property, both by virtue of the law in Israel and by virtue of international conventions to which the State of Israel has joined.
13. Confidentiality of data and user privacy
13.1. The purpose of submitting the personal details is to allow Galit to supply the products and / or services to the customer and to learn from the customer his or her discretion regarding the purchase of the products and / or Services.
13.2. Galit undertakes not to make any use of the information without the client's permission, unless required by law or to prevent misuse, and will allow access to information only to those employees who need information to provide service.
13.3. Galit takes the usual precautionary measures in order to preserve, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site is encrypted according to the SSL standard, but in the event of cases that are not under its control and / or deriving from force majeure, Galit shall not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, caused to the customer if such information is lost or used allowed. Galit uses the highest security standards in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of its customers. Galit uses a PCI system for clearing credit cards.
13.4. When registering for the site and ordering products, the customer will be asked to provide his / her real personal details, including: first name, last name, phone number, town, street, house number, apartment, floor, entrance, ect. For reasons of information security and protection of the privacy of the customer, the data of the means of payment will not be stored in the site's management database and will be used only for the purpose of completing the order of the chosen product. Fields marked explicitly require fill. Without delivery of the required data in the required fields, the customer will not be able to use these services.
13.5. It is possible that when browsing or performing transactions on the site, including: a review of the variety of products offered for sale on the site, customer information will be recorded automatically and computerized, these details are used by Galit for control and streamlining management and marketing with customers.
13.6. Some of the services on the site may require registration. As part of the registration process, the customer will be required to choose a user name and password that will be identified during use. The site's management may from time to time determine additional or other forms of identification. The customer must keep the user name and password confidential in order to prevent abuse, and make sure to change the password as often as possible.
13.7. The details provided by the customer and the details collected during the use of the site will be kept in the database of the site's management. The use of the site and the customer's approval of the privacy policy indicate that the user agrees that his details will be kept and managed in the database of the site's management. The information in the database will be used - in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or under the provisions of any law - for the purposes set out below:
13.8. To allow the Customer to use the Services on the Site;
13.9. To identify the customer during repeated access to the site;
13.10. In order to improve and enrich the services and content offered on the site, including the creation of new services and content that correspond to the requirements of the users of the site and their expectations, and to change or cancel existing services and content. The information used by the site's management for this purpose will be mainly statistical information, which does not identify the customer personally;
13.11. To allow users to customize the services on the site to their preferences;
13.12. In order to enable the management of the site to contact the customer and to send him periodically e-mail information about the services and products of the management of the site, as well as advertising information and information in connection with the products and services of others. Such information will be sent to the customer in accordance with an explicit consent given by the customer during registration on the site or at any other time. The customer may withdraw his consent at any time and stop receiving requests and promotional material.
13.13. It is hereby clarified that consent to this Privacy Policy constitutes consent for the purposes of Section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Services), 1982;
13.14. To contact the customer if necessary;
13.15. For the purpose of analysis, control and delivery of statistical information to third parties. This information will not personally identify the customer;
13.16. For any other purpose set out in this Privacy Policy or the terms of use and purchase of the Site.
13.17. The management of the site shall not transfer to third parties the details of the personal customers and the information collected on their activity on the site, except in the following cases:
13.18. To the extent necessary for the proper provision of the website's services and for the purpose of realizing the purposes of the use of the information as detailed above, if required;
13.19. If the Customer has breached the terms of use and purchase on the website, or if Customer performs or acts on or through the Site in connection with any actions that appear to be illegal or attempt to perform such acts;
13.20. If the website's management receives a judicial order instructing it to provide the customer's details or information about him to a third party; For the avoidance of any doubt, Galit does not undertake to object to any request for an order requiring it to provide details about the customer to a third party.
13.21. Any dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between Customer and the Site's management;
13.22. The site's management will be entitled to transfer the customer's information and the information collected following the customer's use of the site to other companies or organizations related to the management of the site, such as a parent company, subsidiary, provided that they use this information only in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy;
13.23. The management of the site may share anonymous, aggregate and statistical information with other companies or organizations associated with the management of the site, as well as with suppliers, business partners, advertisers and any third party at its sole discretion, but will not disclose to them knowingly or intentionally the identity of customers without their explicit consent;
13.24. The Company may use cookies for the ongoing and proper operation of the Site, including the collection of statistical data about the use of the website, for verifying details, in order to adapt the website to the personal preferences of the client and to information security needs. Cookies are text files that the browser on the client's computer creates according to a command from the website's management computers. Some cookies will expire when the client closes the browser and others are stored on the computer's hard drive. The cookies contain a variety of information, such as the pages visited by the customer, the length of time the customer was at the site, where the customer came to the site, sections and information the customer wants to see when entering the site,
They are also used to obviate the need to enter customer information each time she revisits sections of the site that require registration, if any. The information in cookies is encrypted and the site's management takes precautions to ensure that only the computers of the site management can read and understand the information stored in them.
13.25. A customer who does not want cookies to be collected on his or her computer can avoid this by changing the browser settings on his computer. Keep in mind that revoking the cookies may cause some services and features on the site or on other websites to be unavailable. In addition, you can delete cookies on your computer at any time.
13.26. The site's management may allow third-party companies to publish on the site and / or manage the ad submission system on the site. The ads the customer views when they visit the site come from the computers of those companies. To manage their advertisements, these companies use tools to help them understand customer preferences. For example, these companies may place cookies on the client computer and embed web beacons in advertisements or on the site pages. The beacons are tiny graphical files with unique identifiers embedded in web pages that help gather information about viewing and using the site. The information collected does not identify the customer, but only requests that the advertisements that are presented to him be adapted to topics of interest to him. The use of cookies and web beacons by these companies is subject to their privacy policies and not to the policies of the website's management. These companies do not have access to the cookies of the site's management and the management of the site does not have access to their cookies. If the client wishes to review the privacy policies of the companies that manage the advertising system on the site, this can be done through their websites.
13.27. The site's management implements systems designed to secure the information in an optimal manner, in accordance with accepted standards. While these systems reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the site's management computers, they do not have absolute security. Therefore, the site management does not guarantee that the services on the site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.
13.28. According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, every person is entitled to study himself, or by his representative duly authorized in writing or by a guardian, with information on him that is held in a database. The user, may contact the owner of the database with the request to amend the information or to delete it, if the owner of the database refuses, he must inform the applicant in the manner and manner prescribed in the regulations.
13.29. For more information, see the Protection of Privacy Law:
13.30. The management of the website may change the privacy policy from time to time as long as it operates according to the provisions of the law.
13.31. You can review the current Privacy Policy at any time by clicking the appropriate link on the site.
14. Additional conditions
14.1. Any error at the description of the color and / or the visibility of the color, and / or in the manner in which the color appears on the user screen, this will not be binding Galit. The color catalog on the site is intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the colors displayed on the site, some or all of them, and the colors actually sold.
14.2. Galit is not responsible, as far as there are, for the content published in the links existing on the site and leading to other sites accessed through the same link. Galit does not guarantee that the link will lead the user to an active website.
14.3. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be done in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and shall be clarified, if necessary, in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa court.
14.4. The display of the stores, products and / or services presented on this website is not an expression of opinion regarding them, their character or nature by the Company.
14.5. The Company's computer records regarding the actions carried out through the site will constitute evidence of the correctness of the actions.
14.6. Galit reserves the right to change these regulations and the rules of participation from time to time. Only the rules that will be published in the site's regulations will be binding on the operators of the website.
14.7. It is clarified that when the customer joins the services of the site or as a member of the customer club, which fills e-mail and cell phone information, it constitutes the consent of the customer to receive notices and marketing material distributed by the newsletter in the future, by means of SMS messages sent directly to the customer's mobile device, and to be included in the distribution list of the members of the customer club.